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News Coverage

You may be asking "what happened to Brendan?"  If so, the numerous stories carried in the media do the best job of answering this question.  The unique nature of this sports-related event, and the tragic dimensions with which it unfolded, caused the story to receive significant widespread attention.

The day after Brendan died, the story was broadcast on all major local Boston news radio stations and television channels (4,5,7,25,56, NECN).  For the best and most readily available archived TV news footage, refer to New England Cable News (NECN) for the 28th of June 2001.

Reports have subsequently been received of the story being carried elsewhere by the TV news in other cities and by CNN.  Subsequent messages of sympathy include mention of the story being televised in (at least) the following locations:  Chicago, New York City, Toronto, Raleigh NC, Houston, and Sydney Australia.

Numerous individuals sent copies of newspapers in which the story appeared.  The following table summarizes the applicable newspaper articles as provided to the Grant Family.

Last Updated 27 August 2001 

Newspaper Date Page Title Author
The Boston Globe (MA) 29 June 2001 A1 Teen player dies after collision with a teammate Brian MacQuarrie & Chris Frates
The Boston Globe (MA) 29 June 2001 E12 Grant – of Belmont Obituaries
The Boston Herald (MA) 29 June 2001 3 Teen dies during baseball game Mark Murphy
The Daily Item (Lynn MA) 29 June 2001 B2 Town grieves death of teen ballplayer The Associated Press
The Evening News (Salem MA) 29 June 2001 B7 Player, 18, fatally injured in Babe Ruth baseball game Justin Pope
Worcester Telegram & Gazette (MA) 29 June 2001 D1 Ruth star dies after collision The Associated Press
The Springfield Union News (MA) 29 June 2001 D1 AIC team in shock, mourning Dick Baker
New York Post (NY) 29 June 2001 78 On-field collision kills player The Associated Press
Bangor Daily News (ME) 29 June 2001 C2 Player fatally injured in baseball game The Associated Press
Philadelphia Daily News (PA) 29 June 2001 138 Baseball player dies after collision with teammate Daily News Wire Service
The Frederick News (Frederick, MD) 29 June 2001 B-4 Youth baseball player dies The Associated Press
Richmond Times-Dispatch (VA) 29 June 2001 C2 Elsewhere Column Wire Report
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (WI) 29 June 2001 2C Teen baseball player dies after collision Wire Report
The Desert Sun (Palm Springs, CA) 29 June 2001 A2 Baseball players collide chasing fly ball, 1 dies Wire Report
The Boston Globe (MA) 30 June 2001 G13 Brendan Grant, Student, Athlete Obituaries
Boston Metro 1 July 2001 1 Freak baseball death leaves  town mourning Scott McCarthy
The Charlotte Observer (NC) 2 July 2001 1C Recovery begins, then comeback Scott Fowler
The Boston Herald (MA) 2 July 2001 18 Brendan had game (editorial) Geoffrey Gallant
Belmont Citizen Herald (MA) 5 July 2001 1 Belmont in mourning Linda Pinkow
Belmont Citizen Herald (MA) 5 July 2001 1 Remembering Brendan Grant Linda Pinkow &   Michael Liuzza
Belmont Citizen Herald (MA) 5 July 2001 8 Helping teens deal with grief Linda Pinkow
Belmont Citizen Herald (MA) 5 July 2001 10 Family gives thanks to community The Grant Family
Belmont Citizen Herald (MA) 5 July 2001 13 A good player, but a great person Mike Liuzza
Belmont Citizen Herald (MA) 12 July 2001 8 Grateful for town's kindness, support The Synnott Family
The Boston Globe (MA) 12 July 2001 E1 Inner Strength After Tragedy Bob Ryan
The Hartford Courant (CT) 15 July 2001 E1 Richer for knowing a Belmont winner Paul Doyle
The Townsend Times (MA) 27 July 2001 A4 Grant family appreciates support in difficult times Editorial by Susan Vassallo
The Public Spirit (Ayer MA) 27 July 2001 A4 Grant family appreciates support in difficult times Editorial by Susan Vassallo
Belmont Citizen Herald (MA) 9 Aug 2001 15 Senior Babe Ruth team  displayed courage Michael Liuzza