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A Star in the Heavens

Oh distant star, burning bright,
How true you gleam upon my sight.
More than a twinkle in my eye,
A powerful vision, a heartfelt sigh.

Beyond my eyes, beyond my voice,
Thrives your world of infinite choice.
Within my heart your soul does roam,
Forever welcome, and always home.

The stars above are endless, yet
You've caught my eye, forever set.
An apparition heaven sent,
A timeless moments ornament.

The phoenix fire from which you gleam,
Is part of life, but still a dream.
You stand as one in endless skies,
Forever strong, forever wise.

How true it is I wait for dawn,
As a friend that's here, and never gone.
And again when dawn shrouds your eyes,
Sunset comes to tantalize.

I know my life on earth is fixed,
And it's not my quest for values mixed.
So far away, but close-by still,
A breath of life to tease my will.

Despite existence and the miles,
I travel the distance upon the smiles,
And touch you as a star a-glo,
With thoughts that only immortals know.

Casey Cavanaugh Grant