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Oldtime Baseball Game

The eighth annual Oldtime Baseball was held on 23 August 2001 at St. Peter's Field in Cambridge, MA, and many were on hand to enjoy this wonderful tribute to America's favorite pasttime. 

Several gestures of recognition were extended to honor Brendan Grant, and special thanks go to the organizers of this event.  The tribute to Brendan included his posthumous appointment as one of the players, and his picture featured on the cover of the program and a story contained within the program.  Further, during the opening ceremony a banner was unvieled in the outfield by his teammates.  Also during the opening ceremony Brendan's father was allowed to make some brief opening remarks.  Those remarks are reprinted below based on requests from several attendees.


2001 Oldtime Baseball Game Opening Remarks by Casey Grant

To all of you who knew my son, Brendan Grant, you're able to tell others, like I can, how he was a vibrant young man with a tremendous devotion to this game of baseball.

Brendan had a deep contentment with life that was passionately heartfelt. He had become sincerely adept at allowing his smiling disposition to radiate, with the same strength as his striking physical presence and his ability to readily deliver the long ball.

On Brendan's behalf, my family and I, and all of Brendan's many friends and teammates, are deeply appreciative for this tribute to him. It is an honor that, based on his absolute commitment to this marvelous sport, is all together fitting and entirely appropriate.

But in a higher sense, this is an honor that transcends my, or anyone else's, limited ability to add or detract. The collective spirit that's embodied here tonight represents many decades of love for a pastime that I don't believe any of us can ever adequately explain. Brendan loved this game, and tonight we're all here, because, we too love this game.

Someone told me once that the "Field of Dreams" is in Iowa, --- Iowa. But, I can tell you, if you want to see the "Field of Dreams" you don't have to go to Iowa. All you need to do is gaze deep into the eyes of any of the young men out here on this field tonight. That's what I used to do, with Brendan.

So in a few minutes when the umpire yells "Play Ball!", take a deep breath, and allow your dreams to come forth out upon this field. Join, in spirit, the talented young men out here this evening, who indeed, are playing out their dreams.

Tonight, Doubleday Field is not in Cooperstown, New York; it's instead at St. Peter's Field in Cambridge, Mass. Enjoy . . .