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Guestbook Archives - 2006
Visit the guestbook archives and see the messages left by Brendan's family and friends in the first five years after his departure...

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Guestbook Archives - 2006


Steve Magsam #19
27 June 2006
04:29:29 PM 04:29:29 PM -0400

5 years ago today Brendan. This is the 3rd time in those 5 years I have had a baseball game on this day. I am still enjoying the game the way you have inspired me to play it. Tonight, as always, will be special because I know there is someone there on my shoulder giving me the ability to be the best I can be with a love for the game of Baseball.

27 June 2006
03:44:29 PM 03:44:29 PM -0400

It’s been five years and the pain still will not go away and feels as if it never will. You had such a great impact on so many lives and that is something none of us will ever forget. I will never forget the memories that mean so much. I love you and miss you always and forever…See you in my dreams.

Pam Chester (& Rich & Andy Goldhor)
27 June 2006
11:36:58 AM 11:36:58 AM -0400

Dear Casey, Cathy, and family, You are all on my mind and heart today. As many of the entries in this guest book say, at this time of year we think of you and Brendan often. The evening of June 27 is vivid in our memories, a beautiful day very much like today. It's hard to believe five years have gone by. The Home Run gets bigger and better each year, the high school field looks great, and it's a treat to see all the Little Leaguers coming along knowing Brendan's story and legacy. Thank you for all you've given to our community and our kids' growing up. Love to your family from ours--

Ryan Bere
27 June 2006
12:47:26 AM 12:47:26 AM -0400

Hey Brendan, I know it been a while since i wrote. When this day rolls around it brings back memories of me and you playing baseball in your driveway. I was never able to hit the ball as far as you, but i always loved playing the game of baseball with you. You were 4 years older than me and always treated me like a younger brother, i looked up to you. My summer baseball season has started up and i have a game tonight. When i step on the field tonight like i do everynight i play, i play for you. You help me become a good player and know the game of baseball. Miss you buddy

26 May 2006
11:34:28 AM 11:34:28 AM -0400

a wonderful tribute to brendan. god bless his family and friends. he's probably playing catch with my son right now. john

16 April 2006
10:50:25 PM 10:50:25 PM -0400

Hey I write again from the hottest state in the world! Well Happy Easter to the Grant family. I know that Brendan was definitely celebrating Jesus' ressurection right along side him. Think about how amazing it is what Jesus had to go through just so we wouldn't have to and Brendan gets to see his beautiful face everyday. I know that when loved ones die its sad but if you know that that loved one is going to heaven then really think about everything he gets to enjoy now. His own pair of wings and the best right hand man anyone could ever ask for. Everyone that knew brendan was so blessed and now he gets to be 10 million times more blessed to be in heaven with Jesus and many many angels. Happy Easter and Love in Christ.

09 April 2006
04:34:26 AM 04:34:26 AM -0400

Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck! 

31 March 2006
09:56:12 AM 09:56:12 AM -0500

I still think about you everyday of my life and could never forget you! You have and always will hold a very special place in my heart. See you in my dreams. Always and Forever

20 March 2006
09:17:44 PM 09:17:44 PM -0500

Dear Cathy and family, I read through the other entries tonight and cried. What a nice tribute to your son! You've certainly raised wonderful children! I keep Brendan's picture (that you sent) with me always and think of you when I see it. I pray for you often and hope that you are well. I can't believe it has been nearly 5 years! Take care of yourselves. Love, Maryellen

28 January 2006
12:05:01 PM 12:05:01 PM -0500

May God bless and keep you always, may your wishes all come true //may you always do for others, and let others do for you // may your heart always be joyful, may your song always be sung // may you stay forever young -- lyrics by Bob Dylan

Craig R. Lee (your neighbor forever)
18 January 2006
04:00:09 AM 04:00:09 AM -0500

tears are running down the side of my cheeks and i can not forget the the first weeks when we became friends and from that, i will be there for you until the end

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