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Guestbook Archives - 2005
Visit the guestbook archives and see the messages left by Brendan's family and friends in the first five years after his departure...

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Guestbook Archives - 2005

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21 December 2005
11:16:51 PM 11:16:51 PM -0500

I'm writing again from the other state that I moved to. I wrote August 30th. I have still been thinking about Brendan. I truly believe that even when you dont even know someone you can still be close to them in your heart. Christmas is coming near and I am just praying for Brendans family that they will get through yet another Christmas without him. I know that the good Lord is watching down on all of Brendan's family and getting them through all of their hardships. The new Kenny Chesney song WHO YOUD BE TODAY makes me think a lot about him. Well I guess I will go I will write again real soon. Brendan Merry Christmas and Love in Christ.

07 December 2005
09:36:46 AM 09:36:46 AM -0500

I have been dating Brendan's friend for a while now and although I was never blessed to meet Brendan, through all the stories I know what a wonder person he was. He has truly been kept alive through all of his friends, their faces light up when they talk about him.

Craig R. Lee
08 November 2005
10:04:20 PM 10:04:20 PM -0500

there is no one i miss more in my lifetime than my one of my best friends, brendan grant. i will never forget your influence on me as long as i can breathe

30 October 2005
10:46:43 PM 10:46:43 PM -0500

"When I am gone, release me, let me go- I have so many things to see and do. You musnt tie yourself to me with tears, Be happy that we had so many years. I give you my love. You can only guess How much you gave to me in happiness. I thank you for the love you each have shown; But now it's time I traveled alone. So grieve a while for me if grieve you must The let your grief be comforted by trust, It's only for a while we must part So bless the memories within your heart, I won't be far away, for life goes on So if you need me, call and I will come. Though you cant see me Or touch me, I'll be near- And if you listen with your heart you'll hear All of my love around you soft and clear. And then, when you must come This way alone, I'll greet you with a smile, and say "Welcome Home."

29 October 2005
01:26:09 PM 01:26:09 PM -0400

Another curse falls by the wayside as the Chicago White Sox bring the world series championship home to the windy city; Shoeless Joe and the rest of the black sox gang have finally been redeemed. Alas, the baseball folklore script continues to be written...

10 October 2005
09:25:19 PM 09:25:19 PM -0400

Not a day goes by when I don't feel you in the warm sunshine... take care my friend...

30 August 2005 12:07:50 AM

I never even really spoke to you but its so crazy how you think about things that happened when you were in school and the craziest is when you passed. My faith in the lord has become a lot more mature and and I have grown in my Faith these past years. I moved to a different state but grew up in Belmont and my faith has brought me to realize a lot in life. I think of you often even though I didn't know you. I truly believe you are my brother in Christ and I know that I will see you in heaven. I hope that you are truly one of GODS chosen men and I hope that when I pray at night you hear my prayers. I love you, my brother, and I hope you are getting to experience the many treasures in heaven.

25 August 2005 08:26:43 PM

Brendan, God bless you on the 23rd anniversary of your birth. May God's love and the tender care of the angels always be with you. We long for the day when we will be reunited with you. All of our love to you forever. Gramma and Papa

25 August 2005 08:51:47 AM

"Ever since the day you went away and left me lonely and cold my life just hasn't been the same oh baby no, when I looked into your eyes the moment that I let ya go I just broke down, baby if I ever get the chance to see you again I would sacrifice..." Well first I would like to say HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY! It's been fours years now and it still isn't easy. I envy your family for being as strong as they have been. After loosing such an amazing child as yourself, I would be lost. I am lost, sometimes i look at your picture on my headboard and try to convince myself your still here. You're just away on a long vacation where I can't see you. Brendan... I've never lost someone I knew and I don't understand why god would take such an amazing person, someone who would do good for this world for himself and for his family and friends. Well, my prayers are with you Grant Family... And Brendan I'll see you someday..Happy Birthday... ShImMeR!LN!

24 August 2005 10:53:25 PM

happy 23rd tomorrow... "Worlds dismantled and all the books unbound Conversations though we utter not a sound I heard a rumor, and I don't know if its true That you'd meet me where the flame turns blue" - Flame turns blue

Joel Diamond
12 August 2005 09:46:24 AM

Hey Brendan; As I am sure you know, there was a horrific collision last night between Mike Cameron and Carlos Beltran. They were "sprinting towards the sinking liner, both outfielders watching the ball, diving into the same spot." Watching the replays brought be back four years in a hurry. The smells, the heat, and the excitement of summer baseball all comes back. I remember the 1 - 2 count, the runners on first and second, Mike Ruggeri at the plate, one out. I remember the flailing swing, the short fly ball, and the collision. The moment the ball left the bat, I knew you would do anything to catch that ball -- you always did. I was writing to thank you Brendan -- for your courage, your leadership, and your passion. You always gave everything you had, and were the best teammate anyone could ever ask for. Thanks for the memories: mammoth home runs as a Philly, Royal, and Marauder; much needed two-out singles, encouraging words, and diving stops. I miss you kid -- I wish I could have seen your first Major League AB -- to see you pummel the ball one more time. You were a hero Brendan -- you made every single one of our lives better, and for that we will always be grateful. I would also like to thank the entire Grant family for your strength during those chaotic times. You are in our prayers, forever. Mr. Grant, thank you in particular for helping a group of scared and confused kids. Even though your loss and pain was greater than we could ever imagine, you had the strength to help all of us -- it was phenomenal, just like your son.

12 August 2005 09:29:59 AM

Brendan... I'm sure you know about the outfield collision last night between Mike Cameron and Carlos Beltran. I was struck by how violently those two players went down, and it brought me back four years in a hurry. I was able to make peace with the entire situation a couple of years ago thanks to the strength of your family, especially your father. He was a calming and strong influence, despite the chaos which surrounded him. I will forever be grateful to him for the strength and compassion he showed during the weeks following your passing. I wanted to thank you for all the memories Brendan. From mammoth home runs as a Philly, Royal, and Marauder, to the much needed two - out single, encouraging words, or diving stop, you were always the heart and soul of every team lucky enough to have you as a teammate. I am still in awe of your graceful swing, easy smile, and most of all your passion. You really made a difference -- you really were a hero. I miss you kid -- I wish I could have seen your first Major League AB -- seen you pummel the ball one more time. Our lives are all better for having known you, Brendan, and you and your family will forever be in our prayers.

21 July 2005 02:29:39 PM

Brendan, It's been 4 years since you left us, but you are still very very much in our hearts every day. Love & miss you Uncle Bill & Aunt Sis

06 July 2005 10:26:22 PM

Brendan, give him strength. He still looks up to you like he did when you were the older one in high school and he loves your family like they're his own

06 July 2005 01:33:18 PM

Sometimes when you're doing simple things around the house ó Maybe you'll think of me and smile ... You know I'm tied to you like the buttons on your blouse ó Keep me in your heart for awhile ... Hold me in your thoughts, take me to your dreams ó Touch me as I fall into view ... When the winter comes keep the fires lit ó And I will be right next to you ... Keep me in your heart for awhile. -- lyrics by Warren Zevon

29 June 2005 02:05:48 PM

I love you a million times over, forever and always. To Brendan's family, I don't know when but I do promise that someday everything will be okay and make sense. Brendan again, I love you always.

28 June 2005 05:04:48 PM

We miss you dearly Brendan- 4 years has gone by and things feel just the same. Sometimes I still think I see you, but I know it is just because you are always on my mind, we miss you Brendan, I hope you saw Nicole and I yesterday, we are going to visit more often... I promise

28 June 2005 12:29:41 AM

I've been thinking about you a lot lately, and just wanted to thank you again for everything you've taught us, we miss you

27 June 2005 11:39:33 PM

we all love you and miss you so much bg

27 June 2005 10:24:32 PM

I didn't know you as well as many others. However, I do remember passing by you in the halls of BHS, you were always a gentleman and in high school we know that all guys were not as respectful and sincere as Brendan. Where I most often saw you was out on the baseball field. I spent many hours watching the high school and summer league games and I can clearly remember how happy and content you seemed out there. It was very heartbreaking to everyone who knew you to see you go without even a chance to say goodbye. My heart goes out to your family. We all miss you dearly you will always be in our prayers.

27 June 2005 10:15:07 PM

My thoughts and prayers are with Brendan's family and close friends on this day. Everyone misses you and your unforgettable smile. xoxo

27 June 2005 09:12:20 PM

Dear Brendan, Four years today without you Pal. I never thought we could do it but we are with the help of GOD and a lot of tears. We wonder where you'd be today if you hadn't left? What would you be doing? What would you look like? If we could only see you for just a few minutes. We love you. Gramma and Papa

27 June 2005 04:42:29 PM

The twinkle in your eye, The twinkle in your smile, It was all taken for granted Until the big fall. You never realize how important those little things are Until they are kept so far. Moments so dear; suspended in time. A treasure trove of memories That keep you alive. Maybe now we are all greedy because we all want a piece of you. The best part is that we can all be as greedy as we want- Because you are always alive in our hearts. Copyright June 27, 2005 Brendan, wrote that for you today in honor of it being four years. It seems next to impossible that it has been that long. The world is a very different place now- but I know that no matter what happens, you are always smiling down on us. Miss you and love you hero I will be up to see you this weekend!

27 June 2005 04:09:38 PM

Beern, it has been a long time since I have been able to visit and read this site. It is truly amazing to see the tributes your family, friends, and even strangers have worked to develop for you. All are well deserved. Not a day goes by that I realize how much all the boys and I miss you. A few weeks ago I was at the walk and saw your family. Everyone looks well. Shannon looks a ton like you. It is obvious that both of your sisters have grown up very well thanks to your parents and grand parents; I am sure you are very proud of them. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. We think and speak of you often which allows us to keep you alive in our hearts and minds. Love, Timmy

20 June 2005 03:57:09 PM

I had the opportunity to visit this site today. My five year old daughter attended the race on father's day with her father. I run a scholarship fund in memory of my daughter who lost her life in a car accident on August 25, 2002. My five year old's Dad told me about this site. I noticed Brendan's birthday is August 25 and he attended college in Springfield. My son finished his first year of college in May this year at Springfield. How strange!! My thoughts are with Brendan's family. Strength is found in turning a tragedy into a loving memorial to cherish our lost children. May you be blessed with creating new memories along with old memories to continue a great legacy of your child.

04 June 2005 11:25:11 PM

Hey Buddy...I never stop thinking about you, though some days are pretty tough, you deserve nothing less. Love is "Forever and Ever" and you are my one and only.

02 June 2005 08:12:51 PM

dear brendan, i still think of you and marvel at how quickly your vibrant, promising life was ripped from it's future. there is so much emotion for you here and i am glad to see that your memory is being honored so fittingly. i know you are observing us from behind home plate. love, your homeroom buddy

Steve Magsam #19
13 May 2005 04:02:16 PM

Hi Brendan, it has been almost 4 years ago that you left us all, and 3 years since I last spoke here. Just wanted you to know, I play for the Boston Orioles in the (MABL) Mens Baseball League of Boston, and my opening game of this season is tonight. I am pitching with you in my thoughts as always. Whenever I step out on the field, I can feel your presence telling me to keep calm and don't get nervous in pressure situations. Tonight, I am facing the toughest hitting team in the league, so every pitch will be my best, I will not lose my confidence, and perhaps you will give me the strength and willpower to pitch the game I believe I can pitch. I am leaving a ball with you, to let you know I have not forgotten you. Wish me luck. Thanks...

13 May 2005 08:40:34 AM

You are always on our minds and in our hearts.

03 May 2005 09:02:41 PM

can't wait to see you again brendan, love you so much!

Brendan Miles Grant
26 April 2005 03:13:02 PM

I Googled my name and came up with this website. I am sure my "twin" was a great person and will be sorely missed.

19 April 2005 03:00:04 PM

Thanks for the useful site. Keep up the good work. God bless you. -John- 

01 April 2005 12:55:23 PM

Although I have left you, don't cry for me. Gather around and remember how my laughing pleased you. Look at one another, smiling and don't forget about touching and hugging. Sing the songs that I loved best and dance one time all together. As for me, I'll be off soaring over the waves as they gently meet the shore. Somewhere from the beach, I'll always be watching you. When you're ready, I'll be there - waiting for you...... Take your time, for I'll always be in your heart.

01 April 2005 10:44:23 AM

Just thinking about you Brendan... Baseball season starting up and all.

01 April 2005 07:40:45 AM

On Tuesday night, March 29th at 10:13PM my wife Nikki gave birth to a healthy baby boy, our first son, Luke Brendan Vassallo. I canít think of a better way to honor my cousin than to pass along his namesake to my own son. If we can raise him to be half of the man Brendan was, I will feel blessed. Hopefully, our son can hit a baseball like Brendan too. The sports theme of Luke Brendanís room is already set up and his crib is awaiting his arrival home (tomorrow). There are a bunch of autographed baseballs in his room, a bat, some Pats and Sox memorabilia, but most importantly there is an empty spot on the wall. This spot is waiting to receive a replica of Brendanís #1 Belmont High School Jersey. Luke Brendan will grow up knowing a lot about his 2nd cousin and how important he was (and still is) to his family and friends. We love you Brendan, Cousin Sal PS: You can all meet Luke Brendan in person at the 4th Annual Brendan Grant 5K Road Race on Fathers Day. Look for the parents with the double stroller and sleepy eyes.

31 March 2005 11:51:57 PM

Brendan! still thinking and missing you, waiting for the day I can see you again! ShiMMer! ****

29 March 2005 02:00:29 PM

thinking of you still....miss you

28 March 2005 07:35:22 PM

Thinking of you... I still pray for you everynight, you will always be in my heart

14 March 2005 07:04:29 AM

Thanks so much for the kind thoughts in your guest-book submittal on the 13th of March. I also want to thank you for pointing out that we inadvertently don't say much about Brendan's retired jerseys on the Foundation website. I have since updated the site in several places to mention his retired numbers at Belmont High School (#1) and American International College (#23). These jerseys are on display in the exhibit at the Sport Museum of New England. The display is next to the Harry Agganis exhibit (across from luxury box suite 640 on the sixth floor of the Fleet Center) because of the unusual awareness and fondness Brendan had for Harry, and also because they both left us on the same calendar day (27 June)Ö the synchronicity is more than any of us can account for... thanks again... Casey Grant

13 March 2005 03:53:20 AM

This site and foundation is the finest tribute to a wonderful human being (Brendan) I have ever seen. You are a most loving family. In my sadness about the story, I noticed that Brendan's artifacts are next to some artifacts of Harry Agganis. Harry was from Lynn, my home town.Brendan may have been injurfed or died June 27, I am not certain. I do know Harry died June 27 (1955), so yes there seems to be a connection. Rico Petrocelli was born June 27 and he and Harry each wore 6. I do not know what number Brendan wore. Please infrom me if u have a chance.

11 March 2005 08:27:41 AM

Brendan, You are never out of our thoughts. Because of you I know now, more than ever, there must be a heaven.

08 March 2005 03:38:28 PM

i take it back, you *are here..

27 February 2005 10:27:34 AM

wish u were here

20 February 2005 01:39:01 AM

missin you <3

30 January 2005 09:21:15 PM

could a smile ever be -- a beacon of light -- against the darkness -- that warms the heart -- feeds the soul -- brings us back -- and makes us whole? -- it could be that -- yes -- and more.

23 January 2005 11:54:00 AM

Erika... (in response to your guest-book message on 20 January 2005)... Thank you so much for sharing this information with us. I deeply appreciate you providing a personal backdrop on the events surrounding the late Alfredo Edmead. Iíve often wondered how his story unfolded. My heart goes out to your aunt and the parents of Alfredo, and all others who knew him well, knowing the degree of anguish that they have had to withstand. I trust that they are able to find some comfort knowing that Alfredo is in a better place...   Casey Grant

20 January 2005 03:57:00 AM

Hello,  I ran across your site while searching for articles on Alfredo. Alfredo was my aunt's fiancť when he passed. I was actually just going through some of his things with her tonight, which gave me the idea to put together a scrap book for her. 

I have some of the information you might need regarding his death. It occurred on August 22, 1974 in Salem, Virginia in the 6th inning of a game they eventually lost 10-9 in the 10th inning. Alfredo (right-field) was running in to catch a pop fly while his teammate and friend Pablo Cruz was running back to catch the ball. Neither called and neither saw each other. Alfredo dove and Pablo jumped at the same time. Alfredo's head struck Pablo's knee causing a massive skull fracture. Pablo was out for the rest of the season due to knee injuries sustained during the collision. 

Alfredo was dead on the field, but from what we understand they got him breathing for a few seconds before he flat lined again. My aunt, mother and another aunt rushed to Lewis-Gale Hospital behind the ambulance ( I believe they drove Pablo with them, but I'm not sure about that fact). They can each vividly describe seeing them work on Alfredo in the back of the vehicle. By the time they arrived at the hospital, Alfredo was already dead. 

They however did not tell the rest of the team until the game was over, something no one seems to understand. From what my aunts and mother tell me (they knew most of the team) the guys were told that he was fine and was just going to the hospital as a precautionary measure, but the ones who saw Alfredo lying on the field felt differently. After the game the manager, I believe his name was Lipon passed on the news. 

There was a memorial service held in Salem and the funeral was held in Santo Domingo in early September with his family. My aunt used Alfredo's ticket to fly down for the funeral with Pablo Cruz and Miguel Dilone (center fielder and roommate to Alfredo). 

If you have anymore questions, I just might be able to find out for you, 30 years later my aunts and mother still remember it well!  Thank you,  Erika Meise.

13 January 2005 10:37:13 AM

Always thinking of you Brendan! And your shining smile! ShiMMeR! <3 U Miss U

08 January 2005 03:19:42 AM

*~ I know there will always be someone up there looking down on us and laughing~*

cousin mike
07 January 2005 12:10:37 PM

hey buddy i miss you lots. love you always

03 January 2005 09:10:12 PM

Dear Brendan, It's good to have the Guest Book back on line. Without it, our isolation from you seems to widen so much. We had a delightful Xmas Eve and Day with your mom, dad and sisters, and of course Chevy. Missing you is still huge for all of us but we still have each other and your name keeps coming up in our conversations. May we all have a great new year. Love, Gramma and Papa.

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