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Guestbook Archives - 2001
Visit the guestbook archives and see the messages left by Brendan's family and friends in the first five years after his departure...

Guestbook Archives - 2001

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Mary Maynard
28 December 2001 03:19:59 PM

I think of you often Brendan. You have touched the lives and hearts of so many people. What an amazing tribute! God Bless you and your family. Mary

25 December 2001 05:14:53 PM

Merry Christmas Brendan and God Bless You, We Love You. And a Very Merry Christmas to the Grant Family, May good spirits always be with you! -Love Always Jacklyn Sabatino

23 December 2001 08:05:27 AM

Merry Christmas, Hero...

Mary Amero
14 December 2001 02:42:19 PM

Hello, from your Aunt Mary. I am at Christy's house to leave a message for my family at this difficult time of year. I love you all so much, and it breaks my heart to know of all the sorrow surrounding this time of year for you. I wish so much that I could be there to hold you and hug you, I too miss my Brendan so much. I have read all the articles you sent me and the ones on this computer. What an outstanding tribute to a man who had no idea what his life had as an impact on those throughout the world. Love you all, Aunt Mary (&Christy)

Nicole Taylor Wall
09 December 2001 07:19:10 PM

Merry Christmas to the Grant Family and God Bless our Angel, Brendan.

06 December 2001 03:22:35 PM

Brendan, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you. You took great pride in your family and friends, and you always wanted them to feel great pride for you as well. Through your humble, caring attitude you have become a hero in your own right. You died doing what you loved most, but you will be remembered by those closest to you for so much more than just baseball. You were an angel, and you will continually guide us when we are in need. Merry Christmas and God Bless.

Danielle Carney
06 December 2001 10:05:02 AM

What a beautiful tribute. Although I didn't know Brendan that well, I could just tell by looking at his smiling face that he was a great person. May his spirit always live on through his family and friends.

05 December 2001 11:26:09 PM

Brendan, We all Love and Miss you So much, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, * SHIMMER * Never letting go.

Michelle O'Neill
05 December 2001 10:44:17 PM

Merry Christmas Brendan and thank you for giving me the gift of friendship. Not a day goes by when I don't think of you and smile. Miss you- but never forget you.

Uncle Michael
05 December 2001 10:31:40 AM

December 5th. Brendan would have known that today is a day that marks the passing of another great Baseball Tragedy - the passing of Shoeless Joe Jackson in 1951. If you want to know more rent the movie "The Field Of Dreams". My son and I watched it this weekend and it has a great story line, about a father son relationship, baseball, and tragedy. The movie always made me think of Brendan and he would have fit right in on the field with the players in the set. Now with the message the foundation is trying to impart through parent child relationships, I find great irony and meaning in the film. The movie is a great tribute to great people like Shoeless Joe and Moonlight Gram, but I always thought it was unfinished. Now I know the ending, or at least the next chapter. Brendan loved baseball as he said "The Perfect All American Game" and I agree, as It also plays a place in in my heart that I am still trying to fathom. Say Hi to Shoeless Joe and Doc Gram for me Brendan. Uncle Michael

04 December 2001 04:13:23 PM

I met Brendan second semester at A.I.C. I don't go to A.I.C, but he was extremely good friends with my boyfriend whom he played baseball with and lived next door to. Eventually Brendan became a friend of mine too. In the short time I knew him, I could tell what a wonderful person he was. I was at almost every baseball game, and hung out with him whenever I was at A.I.C. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to know Brendan. What a great guy with a great smile. He will always be in our hearts. God bless the Grant family.

30 November 2001 08:30:43 PM

I love you Brendan.

Danielle Crowley
22 November 2001 06:49:06 PM

Happy Thanksgiving Brendan, we all miss you and are always thinking about you !

Gerry Zegarelli
18 November 2001 01:32:17 PM

This is an outstanding website.  I am sure Brendan is smiling looking at this site in heaven .

Maureen Tobin
31 October 2001 11:45:51 AM

Dear Brendan,  H A P P Y   H A L L O W E E N ! ! !    A L L   S A I N T ' S   E V E ! ! !

Have fun with all the saints and souls you have met in that blessed, hallowed place. We miss you.

Kathryn Keegan
28 October 2001 10:43:52 PM

Thank you so much for creating this website- I think it's a wonderful tribute to Brendan, one that obviously took amazing efforts on your part. My thoughts and prayers are with you always.

Meredith Kennedy
25 October 2001 11:00:59 PM

Brendan, you will always be in our hearts, our dreams and our smiles!

22 October 2001 01:05:50 AM

I have sat here for the last ten minutes reading about this amazing tragedy, crying. I stumbled along this while I was looking for AIC's basketball schedule. My deepest condolences go out the his family, friends, teammates and coaches. While I can be sure this was an awful tragedy in the eyes of this devastated community, you can be sure he will be a soul that will be remembered forever. God Bless.

Jessie Richardson
19 October 2001 03:05:36 PM

Paul Sullivan
18 October 2001 08:21:49 PM

Brendan is always in my prayers every night. I know that heaven is lucky to have him, and I'm sure he's loved just as much up there, as he was down here.

Jillian Foster
15 October 2001 02:28:33 PM

It was a privilege that I was able to have Brendan in mine and my families lives. He was loved by all of us. I will always remember his help in the Sunday school at my church, our senior year of high school, and our walks to the Belmont Country Club at night. Thank you Cathy, Casey, Lyndsay, and Shannon for sharing your brother and son with all who he touched.

John (Jack) Richard Coates
13 October 2001 10:39:51 AM

It had just happened. I got a call on the phone in the hospital. I was shocked. Didn't know how to react, to be sad or mad. But I thought to myself, you were taken, but you were taken while doing something that you loved and desired. I tried to be there for you, but I had complication's of my own. I fought with doctors, nurses, fill-in nurses and even my own family. But all I got back was, "Jack, you cannot be subject to germs, if you get sick you'll be back in the hospital", all I could do was cry. I tried to be there to back you up not only as your teammate, or your captain, but as your friend. Well, I hope you are resting peacefully, but me, I'm trying to get back to the game we love, baseball. And when I do get back to playing, you won't be forgotten. Just make sure I'm playing the way you remember I can, and even better. Take Care and Get some rest.

Chris Eckel
12 October 2001 03:07:21 AM

For several summers, I had the opportunity to play shortstop, a mere 10 feet away from Brendan. My indelible memory of Brendan is the two of us always raking the dirt with our cleats at the start of each inning; you can bet I'll be doing that next season. Brendan, you were a hero and inspiration to so many, but to me, you were all that, and a friend, and I feel privileged to have played beside the best third baseman this town has ever seen. You live on in my heart...

Paul Sullivan
10 October 2001 05:17:22 PM

Although he may be up in heaven, the memories we all have of Brendan will live on forever....and so will Brendan's legacy. I was thinking about what Mr. Grant said at the dinner last week. He said that Brendan has probably accomplished more in his ninteen years than most people can accomplish in their whole lifetime. That is so true. Brendan was an amazing athlete, a terrific friend to so many, and a loving son and brother. He's one of those people that everyone looks up to for so many reasons. Although I never got to know Brendan very well, I appreciate that I did get to meet such an extraordinary person.

06 October 2001 04:23:14 PM

"He was the kind of guy who never tried to be the hero- but always was" ... we love you Brendan.

Maryellen Logan
03 October 2001 12:09:16 PM

Hello Grant Family, I just wanted to let you know that I think this website is wonderful and what a nice way to remember Brendan. I also wanted to thank you for the letter through the mail and the prayer card that I will keep with me always. We pray for all of you and for Brendan. Cathy, I think you are doing so well. You seem to be doing everything that is right to get through and to help yourself and your family (I'm sure that Casey and the girls are as well). Our prayers and thoughts are with all of you. I'd like to get together again soon-maybe another lunch date?! It was so nice to see you. Take care,

Busy B Softball Team
03 October 2001 11:41:47 AM

I was only able to meet Brendan a few times , as he just started to play softball with us, here in Belmont. I find this to be a wonderful site. Brendan will always be remembered by our team .

02 October 2001 05:09:03 PM

Brendan was such a great guy.  I am so sorry for what happened to him and always remember he's in a better place!  To the Grant family I am so sorry for you all and I hope you all are doing well.  This site is such a great tribute to a great guy!

01 October 2001 10:37:53 PM

Casey & Cathy,

It was great receiving your tribute to Brendan and seeing the old pictures on your website. Thank you for being such good friends.

Steve Walker

01 October 2001 07:11:46 PM

Rest in Peace Brendan Grant Live on and Play on where ever you are, take care on your journey to the other side. Thanks for being our friend..and with love from your friends we all miss you. --Fahad

Nick Savage
01 October 2001 06:12:18 PM

Brendan was always a great influence on everyone who knew him, and I'm sure those who didn't. This influence was so great, that even while he is gone, he will still inspire and guide us all.

Kendall Cross, Olympic Gold Medalist
01 October 2001 04:16:25 PM

What a wonderful site! I enjoyed learning more about just who Brendan Grant is. I didn't know Brendan well, but he is obviously so very much to so many people! My thoughts are with you Casey, Cathy, Lyndsey and Shannon!

Megan McKenna
30 September 2001 05:08:59 PM

Talk about an awesome guy. My best memories of Brendan: me walking towards the trainers room in the field house at school and Brendan coming out wearing his wrestling shoes and blue shorts. I always got the same cute smile and nod every day: During summer school at Belmont Hill, we hung out everyday at the same time in the cafe. We'd exchange stories about the crazy things we did the night before. Or he'd tell me about how he slept outside one night for some reason and his dad had to pick him up and go straight to summer school. lol, his Dad wasn't too happy.  I'm just so happy that I made an effort to be his friend.

Jordan Pohlman
27 September 2001 07:39:14 PM

Exactly 3 months have passed since Brendan's death, but the thoughts and memories that reoccur for me every day seem to be infinite. The loss of a best friend is a tragedy, but I have learned so much about life because of it. I realize how fortunate I was to have such a loyal and honorable friend, and I will never forget the thousands of times we joked around together. There is no doubt in my mind that one day we will have the chance to laugh again... my prayers are with Brendan and his family

Chris McMillan
26 September 2001 02:54:55 PM

Brendan was an unbelievable kid, that always had a smile on his face and could make others laugh. I am terribly sorry for your loss, and my greatest sympathy goes out to your family. Brendan will never ever be forgotten in our hearts.

Gerard Barsoum
23 September 2001 07:07:53 PM

Honestly, I have no idea what to write. This summer was a very very hard summer for all of us. However, I am glad that the entire community got together and helped one another out in our time of grief. Brendan and his entire family will always remain in all of our hearts. And by being strong, hopefully we will all be able to continue our lives remembering Brendan not only as a brother, a son, a grandson, a roomate, a team mate, a boyfriend, a fellow student and a FRIEND, but also as our Guardian Angel. May God be with you, Brendan, and your entire family! God Bless.

Kelly Markussen
21 September 2001 11:42:11 PM

I am a student at Belmont High and I just wanted to let the Grant family know that Brendan will always be in our hearts. A soul like his could never be forgotten.

Uncle Michael
21 September 2001 09:53:21 PM

I want to thank Brendan's friends who came by his Grandfather's wake last Monday. It made me feel as though Brendan was there with us. Nice touch. Thank you.

Lyndsay Freeman
21 September 2001 04:27:41 PM

I am one of the many who knew Brendan Grant. I knew his smile, his personality, his friends, and so much more. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of Brendan and every night before I go to sleep, I pray to God that he is resting peacefully and watching over us all. I have a picture of Brendan in my college dorm and every day someone will come in and ask who he is. I simply say, "He's my angel and I miss him very much."

Joe Prattuh
17 September 2001 11:15:57 PM

As a Texas cousin of Casey Grant, I saw Brendan every five years or so when I passed through Boston.  I was at his christening; 6 or 8 years later, I spent a grand afternoon playing with him at the family's apartment in Belmont.  I had a long talk with him at his cousin Sal's wedding; Brendan was just starting to play high school baseball, and all he wanted to talk about was this great new shortstop on the Red Sox named Nomar something or other.  Then I saw him for the last time just before he went off to college last summer. As a college teacher, I offered my best advice on how to succeed as a freshman; later, I learned (with great pleasure) that he had done quite well both in the classroom and on the field.  My Dad (the older brother of Brendan's grandmother, Yvonne Grant) and I both played and loved baseball, and I felt an instant "baseball kinship" with Brendan.  There must be a baseball heaven, and I look forward to shagging flies as my dad--now long deceased--throws batting practice to Brendan.

Jacklyn Sabatino
16 September 2001 03:52:08 PM

Brendan was an amazing person all around, always putting a smile on someone's face. I am lucky to have known such a beautiful person. It is still very shocking that he is not with us, but the support and love that everyone shows and the strength your family shows is amazing. Brendan, you will be forever in our thoughts and our hearts, We Love You BG ! *Thank God For Giving Us An Angel*

12 September 2001 07:12:42 PM

I met Brendan my freshman year at AIC. He was a good friend of someone I knew and that is how I met him. As time went on we became pretty good friends. I had a couple classes with him and I'd go watch him play baseball after my games were finished. He was a great guy and will never be forgotten. He was someone that I could count on, someone that would be there for me. I will miss him and I will never forget him. I think about you every day Brendan and I will see you in heaven.

Maureen Tobin
05 September 2001 04:33:22 PM

Your idea of creating this website dedicated to Brendan is such a unique and loving way to keep his spirit alive. From all that I have heard, and read, and seen (from your wonderful photo galleries) about Brendan, it's obvious how intimately he touched everyone's lives with his genuine goodness. And we all know that his hopes of becoming a "hero" someday (as he wrote in his college paper), have rung true!

Thanks for sharing this terrific website. I will visit often.

Keith Asarkof
29 August 2001 12:45:40 PM

The strength and love demonstrated by the Grant family in the wake of this horrible tragedy is a demonstration of humanity at its very best.

28 August 2001 04:10:52 PM

To Brendan's Mom, Dad and Sisters,

It was nice to meet all of you at the Old-time Baseball Game. Last years program cover had Ted Williams on it. This years had Brendan's on it. Who would have known? It was a nice tribute to Brendan before the game. Dad touched lots of people at the game with his speech about Brendan. Our thoughts and Prayers are with you all.

I hope to meet you again someday soon.

God Bless, Jim Harkins

Brian, Nancy & Justin
25 August 2001 08:58:17 AM

Happy Birthday Brendan!

Your indelible smile and loving spirit is with us every day.

Barbara Hunter  
22 August 2001 11:14:54 PM

I didn't know Brendan that well but when I did see him he would always have a smile on his face and would always say hi to me. We miss you Brendan Grant.

Carl Purdy
19 August 2001 07:57:39 PM

I never met Brendan except thru his grandfather Edward Geary who is a friend of mine, we met while serving in the Army in Korea. Ed was so proud of his grandson, he told me of Brendan love, of sports, and most of all his love of baseball, and what a great young man he was. I'm sorry for your loss and that I never had a chance to meet Brendan.

Matthew Benoit
14 August 2001 01:44:33 AM

I am truly sorry for your loss.  Brendan was a terrific guy.  Everyone will miss him. I am sorry.

Danielle Crowley
11 August 2001 08:13:37 PM

This is such a beautiful website . I was lucky enough to know Brendan , I think about him everyday and how he touched everyone's life in a special way . Brendan you are an amazing friend and we love you .

08 August 2001 01:02:34 PM

This is a beautiful website. I would have loved to have know Brendan. He has brought out the best in many people...there are so many good people in this world and today I will take the time to think of them. Thank You.

Michael T. Grant
01 August 2001 11:10:39 AM

(A response to Fitzie Synnot's message "Baseball Heroes" from Uncle Michael) 

Here's a related story you might be interested in. For many of us we have talked of how Brendan's story seemed almost scripted. An example of this for me is the Harry Agganis Picture Fitzie spoke of. The morning of the wake I was getting Brendan's things, trying to create a fitting tribute for Brendan at the funeral home. The irony of him dying the same night as Harry was significant, for when Brendan was young, he became very interested in everything Red Sox and and everything baseball. My best friend in college was Harry's cousin. I remember talking with Brendan about this, and he was very excited to find out that he could see the place where Harry died out the back window of his room. The place was a Boston baseball historic landmark, an almost forgotten monument to a hero of the beloved Red Sox Nation. 

So Friday morning I was going crazy trying to find the "Harry Agganis-The Golden Greek-An All American Story" book which I thought was in his room. I could not find it, and being pressed for time I went to Brasco's Funeral Home with what I had. While at Brasco's I had to work out the details of getting a grave site. I went to the cemetery with Paul Brasco. There I met "Wally" who worked for the Archdiocese of Boston. We talked a little about Brendan and he asked me if I wouldn't mind seeing a book he had written about his two greatest passions in life, baseball and the Catholic Faith. We opened the book and the first page we opened to was that wonderful full page picture of Harry with the Title "Baseball Heroes aren't suppose to die". Wally put it in my hands and said this is for you, please let me sign it for you. I said "No Wally, this is for Brendan, If you want to sign it, please sign it to his Mom and Dad." Brendan was a hero to us and Harry was a hero to Brendan, and I knew that picture was meant to be out there with him. It certainly made me feel better. 

Another piece of Irony for me is a paper written by Brendan in December for his English 101 class. It is a review of the movie The Gladiator, here are some excerpts from his paper "A Hero Reunited with His Past". "When I think of a hero or heroine, I think of someone whom I admire and respect, so strongly that they've carved a permanent place in my heart"......"To be a hero, one must do something to go above and beyond the call of duty. Even if it is just being a good parent, there are many factors in being a hero. In my personal life, I consider both of my grandfathers for serving in the army and merchant marines, and my own father for being a firefighter.".... ...."Our actions in life echo in all eternity.".... ....<the hero maximus dies and goes to>..."a beautiful blue skied, green pasture."... ...."Being a hero is a job anyone can do, even without realizing it. Heroes range from firefighters and police, to doctors and lawyers. People that read to terminally ill children or others who volunteer their time to homeless shelters are heroes. Heroes are not celebrities or professional athletes, but people whom do what they do for the goodness of others."...."I personally believe in life after death, and have always had dreams of meeting up with my family and close friends when I get to wherever I end up. That would be my ultimate reunion, no matter all the ones I had throughout my life. Hopefully I can experience the feeling of being a hero, and have the chance to be reunited with all my loved ones after I expire". 

I know many of us have had trouble trying to fathom what has happened here. I hope this sheds a little more light on one of my heroes. Uncle Michael

Brian Rogers
01 August 2001 02:53:16 PM

For those not familiar with the legend of Harry Agganis, and to perhaps learn why Brendan was touched by his life story, below is the publisher's synopsis of "Harry Agganis The Golden Greek : An All-American Story" by Hellenic College Press.

- For a glorious decade, from 1945-55, Harry Agganis ruled sports headlines across New England, and the United States. He was the most celebrated schoolboy athlete in the country, a three sport high school star who turned down offers from more than seventy-five colleges to attend Boston University - so he could be near his widowed mother. He was a quadruple threat All-America football star and one of the most sought-after baseball players in America. He was the first draft choice of the World Champion Cleveland Browns, chosen to succeed legendary quarterback Otto Graham. But the story of Harry Agganis is his clean-cut life and love for family, friends and church, and dedication to his hometown of Lynn, Massachusetts, where he went from the sandlots to college to the Marines to the Boston Red Sox, where starring as a slugging left-hander at first base, he was paired with Ted Williams - until tragedy struck suddenly. This, for the first time, is the story of the man they called "The Golden Greek."

Scott Longmire
31 July 2001 10:37:38 AM

There isn't a day that passes when Brendan isn't in my thoughts. He brought so much to so many of our lives. The memories that Brendan has given us will live forever. Brendan I love you and your family and will never forget you.

Fitzie Synnott
31 July 2001 04:30:17 AM

Baseball heroes aren't supposed to die. I had managed to hold back the tears in the funeral home until that page on the table of mementos caught my eye. I was trying to be strong. I was trying to be tough for those boys who I had watched play since t-ball. For that one redhead who I hoped would get through this. Baseball heroes aren't supposed to die. But what makes a baseball hero? Is it a major league contract? 250 Million? A Nike endorsement? A signature glove? Or is it simply the heart that loves the game that makes the hero. Brendan had the heart. He was the guiding force for every new Babe Ruth player, particularly my brother, whose chin dropped the first time Brendan struck out- he didn't think it could happen. Brendan was the smile and the pat on the back after the error, and the high five after the RBI. He was the first to arrive, and the last to leave. He jumped higher for the catch, ran faster for the call of safe, and swung harder than anybody. Baseball heroes are also every single player who got back on the field. To see such tragedy, and feel such loss, and to continue to play- for themselves, and for his memory, that what makes heroes. And the true hero is the man who got them there. The baseball hero who always helped to coach, who always helped to cheer, and whose heart was big enough to grieve a son and save a town. We will always remember Brendan, we will always cheer on those boys who continue to play this summer, and we will always thank Casey. Baseball heroes aren't supposed to die, but maybe this tragedy helped create a few more of those heroes.

29 July 2001 02:16:30 PM

I'm a Belmont teen and I was astonished the day I found out what happened to Brendan...he was an amazing baseball player and always had a smile on his face when I saw him...he will not be forgotten by anyone...

Will Norton
27 July 2001 12:52:10 PM

As a sophomore on varsity, I couldn't have asked for a more considerate, strong, and passionate captain. He was a guy that you could truly look up to and say, "some day, I hope I can be as good as Brendan and love the game as much as Brendan does." It was a true honor to play with him this summer and his memory as a person and as a player with stay strong with me.

Bill Geary
26 July 2001 10:49:37 PM

Thank You for this wonderful site.

Debbie & Bob
26 July 2001 09:52:41 PM

Brendan in no longer with us, and now there is one more Angel in Heaven! We think of him a lot.

Michael Clark
26 July 2001 03:31:40 PM

I am proud to have had the privilege of having Brendan as one of my closest friends. Even now as I think of him and our memories, I can't help but smile. This site is a wonderful tribute to Brendan, and his life. It paints a wonderful picture of who Brendan was, and is this day...a hero who's kindness, charity, compassion, love, and infectious smile will thrive in the hearts of so many.

Charlie Keirstead, Bldg Services N.F.P.A.
26 July 2001 03:22:20 PM

Thanks very much for giving me the opportunity to meet Brendan through this site.

Kathy Wilkins
26 July 2001 10:09:53 AM

This site is now listed under my favorites, for now and forever. Thank-you!

Dave Tourigny Sr.
24 July 2001 11:37:47 AM

As a resident of Weymouth, Ma. My house abuts the High School Baseball Field. It is this and the fact that I work with Casey Grant, which prompted me to set up the Golf Tournament in Rockland on Aug. 12.The support I have received has been incredible.

23 July 2001 12:50:09 PM

I wasn't blessed to have known Brendan personally but through this web site, I feel I have gotten to know a little about this wonderful young man. Thank you and GOD bless you all.

Dan Geary
22 July 2001 09:28:54 PM

Thanks for giving us this site to remember the spirit with which Brendan lived his life. Stay strong!

Dan Geary
22 July 2001 07:15:49 PM

Very nice site.

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