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Upcoming Events      

Friday-Saturday, 24-25 May 2019:  The 15th Annual Brendan Grant Memorial Baseball Tournament is planned for Friday and Saturday at the start of the 2019 Memorial Day weekend at the Brendan Grant Memorial Field.  The full story of the 2018 tournament is available here.   IMPORTANT UPDATE:  This 2019 tournament will be a noteworthy event, as it will be the final Memorial Baseball Tournament on the current "Brendan Grant Memorial Field".  Soon after when school is out in June 2019, construction will commence on the new Belmont High School project ($200M plus).  All the fields will be re-positioned, and the baseball field will be the first to go and last to come back with this four plus year long effort.  At this point in time, we don't know where the Belmont High School Varsity baseball team will have their home games, and thus stay tuned for updates during these upcoming transition years.

Friday 30 May 2019:  The Annual Brendan Grant Scholarships are scheduled to be awarded at the Senior Assembly at Belmont High School, Belmont, MA.  This will be the 18th straight year these scholarships were awarded to worthy candidates, with 43 previous graduating seniors having received this honor in the past.  The 2018 recipients were Nate Espelin, Caroline Madden, and Max Murphy.  Here is the link to the full story on the scholarship recipients. 

Sunday, 16 June 2019:
The 18th Annual and Final running of "Brendan's Home RunTM" 5K Race & Walk is scheduled for Father's Day 16 June 2019 at the Belmont High School track.  More information on this event is available at www.BrendansHomeRun.org, including on-line registration or by mailing in the downloadable entry form.  This has become one of the New England region little jewels among prestigous 5K running events, with genuine running talent participating each year. See the full stoy and pictures from the 2018 event "Brendan's Home RunTM" 5K Race & Walk".   IMPORTANT UPDATE:  2019 will be the final race/walk event as “Brendan’s Home Run” concludes in its 18th and final year. It’s been a great run after 18 years. Thanks to all who have joined us since our 1st race in 2002. We hope you can be with us one last time on June 16th 2019 for our 5K grand finale!!   Note: Although “Brendan’s Home Run” is retiring in 2019, The Brendan Grant Foundation will continue to serve its charitable mission.

Sunday, September 2018
:  The 16th Annual Brendan Grant Golf Tournament is being planned for sometime in September 2019 at Southers Marsh Golf Course located in Plymouth, MA. Traditionall the tournament involves a shotgun start using Florida Best Ball format. The full story of the 2018 golf tournament is available at this link.

Stay tuned for other upcoming events and activities that are currently in the planning stage...