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Thirteenth Annual Tournament Held
Saturday, 27 May 2017 in Belmont, Massachusetts

2017 Baseball TournamentThe thirteenth annual Brendan Grant Memorial Baseball Tournament was a match-up of two of the top high school baseball teams in the state. This year was an abbreviated two-team tournament with only Belmont and Lynnfield participating in the tourney, with Belmont coming away with the win by a score of 5 to 2.

The game was scheduled for the previous day but was postponed due to rain. On game day the weather could not have been better with bright sunny skies and a light breeze beating down the blistering heat. 2017 will be an anomaly year in this showcase caused by one of the four teams having to drop from the schedule. Next year, we are already looking forward to the 2018 tournament, which at this time is anticipated to include Belmont, Lynnfield, Reading, and Burlington.

Both the Belmont and Lynnfield squads came into this one-game contest at the top of their respective leagues. Belmont’s record was 21-5, and Lynnfield was 18-1. The talent on the diamond was obvious with strong baseball skills shown by all involved, with multiple diving catches by both infields and outfields. Getting the game underway, the first pitch was thrown out by future hopeful and local talent Matthew Bloom.

Pitching was among the top scouting talent on display. The winning pitcher was Junior Max Meier who through 6 complete innings, throwing 93 pitches, with 2 walks and 8 strike-outs, and allowing no runs. Meier’s was relieved in the final frame by Senior Captain Cal Christofori who threw 20 pitches with 1 walk and 1 strike-out, and allowing two runs. The losing pitcher was Lynnfield’s Sophomore Fernando Gonzalez who threw 85 pitches over six full innings, with no walks and 6 strike-outs. The five runs that Belmont scored in the bottom of the second inning where unearned and all came with two outs, and these were all it took for Belmont to come out on top. Not surprisingly, Meier’s earned the game MVP trophy during the closing ceremony.

The two runs by Lynnfield in the top of the 7th inning were not enough to overcome their 5-run deficit. Thus, for the 2017 Tournament Belmont came out on top in this classic clash of the titans. Despite the steady breeze blowing out over left field, nobody hit the long-ball, providing further testimony to the good pitching skills shown throughout the day. Both squads will be heading to the playoffs, and the best of luck is wished upon all involved that each go deep in their respective brackets. There is plenty of strong talent on both teams, including from underclassmen whom we look forward to seeing next year.

Click here for all the details on last year's tournament contest. The standings since the tournament was first held in 2005 are:

2005: (1) Lynnfield, (2) Winchester, (3) Belmont, (4) Bedford
2006: (1) Lynnfield, (2) Belmont, (3) Winchester, (4) Bedford
2007: (1) Belmont, (2) Austin Prep, (3) Winchester, (4) Lynnfield
2008: (1) Belmont, (2) Austin Prep, (3) Winchester, (4) Lynnfield
2009: (1) Winchester, (2) Lynnfield, (3) Belmont, (4) Austin Prep
2010: (1) Belmont, (2) Lynnfield, (3) Winchester, (4) Austin Prep
2011: (1) Austin Prep, (2) Belmont, (3) Lynnfield, (4) Winchester
2012: (1) Lynnfield, (2) Belmont, (3) Winchester, (4) Austin Prep
2013: (1) Winchester, (2) Lynnfield, (3) Austin Prep, (4) Belmont
2014: (1) Reading, (2) Lynnfield, (3) Belmont, (4) Austin Prep
2015: (1) Reading, (2) Medford, (3) Belmont, (4) Lynnfield
2016: (1) Belmont, (2) Lynnfield, (3) Reading, (4) Medford
2017: (1) Belmont, (2) Lynnfield

Numerous volunteers were instrumental in putting this year's tournament together, helping with refreshments, team support, and making sure the field and facility were in fantastic shape so that the entire event ran smoothly. Heartfelt thanks are extended to the following sponsors who provided significant support or in-kind donations:
   Avery, Dooley & Noone, Belmont MA
   Champions Sporting Good, Belmont MA
   Embassy Trophy of Waltham, Waltham MA
   Brendan Kelleher and Reebok
   The Meier Family, Belmont MA

Two sets of premier Red Sox tickets were provided for a fundraising on-site raffle by Meier Family. The long list of volunteers is likewise noteworthy, and a tip-of-the-cap goes to all the dedicated volunteers that assisted throughout the tournament. Special thanks goes to former BHS baseball coach Pete Noone for helping to organize the event and championing the activity behind the scene. Additional thanks goes to Belmont Athletic Director Jim Davis, Belmont Trainer Sarkis Asadoorian, and the Belmont School System.

Once again, the crowds of spectators were rewarded with great local baseball at the Brendan Grant Memorial Field, one of the premier baseball fields of its type in the region. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all who helped make the event a success, and we look forward to seeing you at next year’s tournament!