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Saturday, 9 January 2016 in Belmont, Massachusetts

High school wrestling was again the showcase event at Belmont High School for the fifteenth Annual Brendan Grant Memorial Wrestling Tournament. It was an overcast and wet January day with temperatures just above freezing for this year’s Tournament, which the numerous dedicated hardworking volunteers and a strong field of athletes were glad to see. The tournament finished slightly ahead of schedule, which is held each year at Belmont High School on the first or second Saturday in January. It was yet another successful and well-run tournament.

The format for the event was similar to previous years, and included the fifteen New England area high school teams. At the end of the day, the first place team winner was the squad from Needham, which just edged out the 2nd and 3rd place teams in a close competition. The difference came down to Needham having 10 wrestlers placing in the top 6. The final team standings were: BG Wrestling Tournament

#1 Needham (185.5)
#2 Newton North (174.5)
#3 Dedham (161.0)
#4 East Providence (159.5)
#5 Scituate (140.0)
#6 Woburn (136.0)
#7 Lexington (110.0)
#8 Masconomet (108.0)
#9 Catholic Memorial (96.5)
#10 Josiah Quincy (94.00)
#11 Arlington (81.5)
#12 Watertown (74.0)
#13 Wakefield (71.0)
#14 Belmont (27.0)
#15 Brookline (21.0)

Each year at the conclusion of the tournament all coaches vote for the one wrestler who stands above all others as the 2016 Wrestling Tournament most outstanding wrestler. This year’s honor was bestowed upon Brady Liss from Needham High School who won the 113 lb weight class. This is a significant honor, recognizing that there are fifteen teams each with a field of approximately 14 varsity wrestlers, and thus the outstanding wrestler is the top contender out of a field of upwards of 210 overall participants.

The tournament’s outstanding wrestler award was renamed the “Warren Farrell Outstanding Wrestling Award” in honor of Belmont resident Warren Farrell who had a key role in founding the tournament in 1982 when his oldest son Stephen was Captain of the Belmont squad, winner of the Outstanding Wrestler Award at the inaugural tournament, and who later would be Captain of the Harvard wrestling squad and an Ivy League Champion. Several years later another of Warren’s sons, Richard, followed in his older brother's footsteps as another wrestling standout. Wrestling is a fundamental part of the Farrell family.

The following is a summary of the top six placing wrestlers in each weight class from the 2016 tournament:

Weight: 106
1st: Jack Darling, Masconomet
2nd: Nick Stanizzi, Watertown
3rd: Kyle Randall, Newton North
4th: Ryan Brown, Catholic Memorial
5th: Peter Bannon, Needham
6th: Constantino Capobiancco, East Providence

Weight: 113
1st: Brady Liss, Needham
2nd: Jack Spicer, Wakefield
3rd: Yossakorn Sangkakorn, Arlington
4th: Adrian Scott, Newton North
5th: Elian Rivera, Dedham
6th: Matt Romagna, Lexington

Weight: 120
1st: Nick Camacho, Woburn
2nd: Liam Healey, Scituate
3rd: Josiah Burns, Masconomet
4th: Nathaniel Beatrice, Newton North
5th: Evan McGuire, Wakefield
6th: Joe Smith, East Providence

Weight: 126
1st: Pete Leite, East Providence
2nd: Charles O’Connor, Woburn
3rd: Michael Marianno, Newton North
4th: Dahir Hersi, Josiah Quincy
5th: Sammy Leitner, Watertown
6th: Andy Kaplan, Needham

Weight: 132
1st: Brandon Altieri, Newton North
2nd: Panagiitis Zymaris, Needham
3rd: Lucas Agguire, Lexington
4th: Dave Sheldon, East Providence
5th: Johnny Walker, Masconomet
6th: Luis Dossantos, Josiah Quincy

Weight: 138
1st: Laurent Joseph, Dedham
2nd: Ian Sincoski, Scituate
3rd: Marco Gerogaklis, Brookline
4th: Ben Shale, Newton North
5th: Devantae Rogers, East Providence
6th: Alvaro Mendoza, Lexington

Weight: 145
1st: Dan Haverty, Woburn
2nd: Stephen Willis, Lexington
3rd: Chris Paltrineri, Cath Memorial
4th: Dean Smida, Arlington
5th: David Kurker, Needham
6th: Ben Paton, Newton North

Weight: 152
1st: Ethan Okunas, Needham
2nd: Farid Mawanda, Watertown
3rd: Nathan Vincent, East Providence
4th: Declan Heaslip, Dedham
5th: Bryson Lipson, Belmont
6th: Josh Hirsh, Scituate

Weight: 160
1st: Lucas Goldman, Needham
2nd: Dan Gregorio, Masconomet
3rd: Ben Quint, Lexington
4th: Anthony Calcagni, Newton North
5th: Jason Dwight, Scituate
6th: Alek Kebabjian, Watertown

Weight: 170
1st: Eric Reyes, Dedham
2nd: Josh Bechen, Catholic Memorial
3rd: Joey Perkins, Masconomet
4th: Ben Stix, Lexington
5th: Jason Maier, Arlington
6th: Carl Serhan, Needham

Weight: 182
1st: Mario Peoples, East Providence
2nd: Noah Bucher, Scituate
3rd: Evan Gourville, Wakefield
4th: Dan Aksman, Needham
5th: Sam Newcomb, Cath Memorial
6th: Johan Baez, Dedham

Weight: 195
1st: Mark Gentile, Scituate
2nd: Matt Dunn, Dedham
3rd: Jordan Corriea, Josiah Quincy
4th: Mattheoss Xhuvell, Arlington
5th: Caelan Conboy-DePasqua, Cath Memorial
6th: Omer Rona, Belmont

Weight: 220
1st: James Nicoll, East Providence
2nd: Chima Orji, Josiah Quincy
3rd: Dave MacNeil, Woburn
4th: OJ Pekacar, Dedham
5th: Griffin Hood, Needham
6th: Andres Benites, Lexington

Weight: 285
1st: Dan MacNeil, Woburn
2nd: Jahi James, Josiah Quincy
3rd: Zack Benjamin, Newton North
4th: JC Cleveland, Dedham
5th: Jake Stuart, Scituate
6th: Garret Olbrych, East Providence

The tournament results have been kept for the last 14 years, and these statistics are now summarized each year and will be posted at next year’s tournament. The following are the primary statistics:
Most Recent Year Tournament Results (2016)
Summary of Team Overall Results (2003 – 2016)
Summary of Team Results by Alphabetical (2003 – 2016)
Summary of Team Results by Rank (2003 – 2016)

This particular high school wrestling tournament was first held in January 1982, and was renamed in 2002 as a tribute to Brendan Grant who was a member of the wrestling team for four years and a senior captain in the 1999-2000 season. Thus, while this is the 15th Annual tournament named after Brendan, overall it is the 35th Annual Belmont Wrestling Tournament. 07jan_wrestling_tourn_010.jpg (59185 bytes)

This event is hosted annually by the Friends of Belmont Wrestling in conjunction with Belmont High School, and it is their single annual fundraising event. A lot of thanks go all around for the numerous volunteers under the direction of Friends of Belmont Wrestling, and the dedicated staff of Belmont High School led by BHS Athletic Director Jim Davis. Click here for the full story of last year's 2015 tournament.

Next year’s tournament is scheduled for the first or second Saturday in January, and we hope you can join us!