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The Brendan Grant Scholarship

The Brendan Grant Scholarship was established on 28 June 2001 to honor the memory of Brendan Peter Anthony Grant of Belmont, Massachusetts, USA.

Brendan was a life-long resident of Belmont, and he touched many people during his nearly 19 years with us. Through his sincere passion for life and his smiling spirit, he taught us that life is indeed precious. Brendan was a person who knew how to live his dreams, and foremost among his dreams was his ability to excel in sports, and especially the sport of baseball.we_pic_masse_plaque.jpg (38237 bytes)

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to qualified students graduating from Belmont High School, located in Belmont Massachusetts, and who will be attending an institution of higher education. Preference will be given to individuals who have a demonstrated need.

It is intended that this scholarship be awarded annually to a member of the High School Varsity Baseball Team, High School Varsity Softball Team, and High School Varsity Wrestling Team, who embody the same positive spirit and team leadership skills for which Brendan was known. This includes having the general qualities of being a contributing member to the betterment of society, and the ability to be a team player in all aspects of life.  Each year the selction process is conducted by Belmont High School based on the these characteristics.

The scholarship was created in 2001 and when it was first awarded in 2002, limited resources allowed only a single annual scholarship to be available.  Because of the generosity of the many who support this initiative, starting in 2004 this award has been expanded to two annual scholarships to a male and female recipient.  Once again the award was expanded in 2008 from two to three recipients, with a representative from the Belmont High School Wrestling Team added.  The following are the winners of the scholarship:

2002 Scott Masse
2003 Charlie Synnott
2004 Chris Barber           Elizabeth McEvoy
2005 Catherine Logue           Kevin Vona
2006 Kelly Coates           Martin Connolly
2007 Kelly O'Brien          Bryan Watkins
2008 Jonathon Smart          Micaela Hebert          Alexander Chipman-Shervish
2009 Steve Amrein          Kayla Hoyer         Vladislav Shusharin
2010 Charles Ferraro          Brianna Gallagher          Tim Hatch
2011 Michael Vona          Emma Brown          Ivan Lozano
2012 Christian Raymond          Erin Reilly         Sami Baghdady
2013 Mike Richardson          Katlyn Noonan         Jonathan Comeau
2014 Brendan Shea         Micaela McKay         Christoher Kelly
2015 Nicolas Call         Lauren Noonan         Robert Moran
2016 Cole Bartels         Rebecca TananBaum         Kar Hoe Chiu
2017 Cal Christofori         Hermela Amanuel         Chris McMullin
2018 Nate Espelin         Caroline Madden         Max Murphy

A plaque is presented to each scholarship recipient at the Belmont High School Senior Assembly near the completion of the school year. The plaque incorporates various subtle themes that are intended to be representative of Brendan, and likewise intended to provide a reflection of the positive traits and characteristics of the award winners. In particular, the style is one that is intentionally modest and unpretentious, yet functional, durable and highly dependable. The streamlined acrylic provides a clear symbol of purity and transparency, with a design that is simple and honest in character. These are traits that Brendan exemplified during his time with us.

All contributions to support these annual scholarship awards are greatly appreciated, and can be made payable to and mailed to "The Brendan Grant Foundation", P.O. Box 184, Belmont, MA 02478-4024

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