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The Brendan Grant Tribute

25 August 1982 -- 27 June 2001

Welcome to this dedication to the memory of Brendan Peter Anthony Grant. Brendan touched many people during his nearly 19 years with us. Through his sincere passion for life and his smiling spirit, he taught us that life is indeed precious.

Brendan was a person who knew how to live his dreams, and foremost among his dreams was his ability to excel in the sport of baseball. The tragedy on the baseball field that took his life is itself a tribute to his love for the game . . . and in the paradox of life, our love for him.

Several efforts are in place or underway to celebrate Brendan's memory. In addition to this website memorial is the Brendan Grant Scholarship Fund, which is a lasting tribute to honor his memory. We hope that this website brings you a smile in much the same way that Brendan was able to so easily bring a smile to all of us.